Sunday, December 11, 2011

Planning for the NYE Mystery

I started my sock knitting class based on Cat Bordhi's book. It isn't so easy as the dishcloths I have made a million of. I have started over five times or so. This one has boo boo's in it but trying my best to just keep going for the practice of it. I was finally going along and doing well when I somehow turned things around and started knitting the inside and got a ridge I didn't want on my sock with the knit side inside the sock. I have pulled all that out and have tried to get it back in the needles to continue knitting....that isn't going so well so I keep pulling it out...DJ is currently trying to get it back on the needles. Meanwhile I am going to start another in. I am never going to get my sock homework done by Wednesday's class!

I finally took some time tonight to try to figure out what fabrics to use for Ann B. Smith's annual New Year's Eve Mystery quilt. Here are one of my choices...

And here is another choice...switched out the purple for a more red color.
And this is all the fabric I have in this line by Mark Lipinski that has been waiting for me to come up with something good to sew it into. Which colors would you use? We need a background (my only easy choice) and two mediums and a POP color. Some of my fabrics are medium and some are darks...I think that will be okay though. Usually I do these quilts with one color for each so this will be my first scrappy if I wind up doing it this way.

Sewed this up tonight for another Lil is puckery as my auto tension wasn't doing its job or something. idk!

Sewed with AZ huggy bunch on the way up to a party in Cave Creek on Saturday. Here is Ros working on her butterflies and quilt bindings.

And here is BJ--way ahead of me on Orca Bay! She shared several good tips with me that she picked up reading the quiltville or quilt talk list. I am way behind on my mail too!

She was cruising on clue four in reds! We couldn't resist putting our clue threes together to see what they would look like! (hers are blue and mine are yellow).
I wanted to show you my presents arrived from Shannon. I am dying to open them but resisting so far! They don't even all fit in my Santa Sack!

Here is the view from the loft of our tree. We got home from being overnight at Mom and Dad's and cleaned (as in did the windows, washed the drapes, vacuumed, etc.) and set up the tree. Kathy came by with Rosie and hung out and gabbed with us while we worked hard. So very happy to have accomplished that this busy weekend!

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Connie said...

Don't you just love the Lil twister quilts! Can't wait to see yours done, I have several on my blog.

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