Friday, December 30, 2011

Still Swimming in Orca Bay!

Can you see that I have made progress on Orca Bay? I worked on it a little bit last night and then again today for about ten hours! I know I made progress, but still seems I am being pulled under since Bonnie is so dependable about putting out the clues! I can't get caught up because the next one is out, and the next one and day after tomorrow the last one will be out! It has been lots of fun and this is where I am at as I head to bed. (Tomorrow is Ann B. Smith's NYE Mystery which I have done for the past six years so long day of sewing, but not sure I will get to sneak in much Orca Bay sewing!).
Clue one--the hourglasses are all sewn, cut, trimmed, de-dogeared, de-papered and about half of them are done and half are waiting to be ironed and sewn together. I can finally see the light at the end of this tunnel. Spent lots of time on clue one today. (**1/1 edit**this clue is DONE!)
Clue two-the smaller yellow strings, done.
Clue three-the 350 hst's are done
Clue four-the green triangles--128 of them are DONE! This was where alot of my time went today.
Clue five-all 350 triangles are cut and thrity(** 1/1 edit ** 52) of them are assembled. Will try to sneak some of these in tomorrow.
Clue six-most darks and all greens cut, lights in strips waiting to be cut, (**1/1 edit all are cut) no blocks assembled or even laid out as sneak peak because then I will just want to skip all the previous stuff and do this clue. Trying to use it as a carrot to get me there.
Clue seven- can you hear me laughing. Nothing cut, clue barely read.
Bonnie if you are reading this, thank you for doing this every year. I really look forward to it and I feel all the quilts I make from your patterns are truly heirlooms to hand down. You rock!
So still swimming in Orca Bay (or Long Lake) and since my favorite sport is swimming I am content to stay there.


scraphappy said...

Hope you keep swimming and don't manage to drown. It is looking great so far!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

You said it girl!!!!! Bonnie's mysteries are in a league of their own! Heirloom for certain.
Great run down of your progress.

Leeanne said...

Your swimming is looking great!

Sarah Martin said...

Oooo! You are swimmin' good! Can't wait to see this one come together...With those colors, I bet it will be gorgeous!!