Monday, December 26, 2011

Hope you had a MC

Go Pack! We enjoyed the game half with my mom and dad and kids and half with my sister and her partying group. They have a bar on their porch with TV and a little heater so we watched the game outside there though it was a bit nippy for AZ. Night time it does get cold here. Good time to use our new Christmas sweatshirts!
Here is my entire family on my mom's side that was here for Christmas Eve. We donned our Packer gear and our drinks (mine was diet Dr. Pepper) and snapped a zillion pictures. Got a few dogs in the photo too, but there were more inside.

Here is my sock coming along...I figured out how to close the heel with the help of memory from class and you tube. Then I opened up the leg--cutting that stitch was afraid I would lose the whole thing, but it worked. Now I am working up the leg! Won't be long and I will be on sock number two!
I got lots of fabric for Christmas..from DJ, from my Santa Swap Partner Shannon and from my Dad who had my name for the stocking drawing. We haven't uploaded photos yet (these were off facebook from my phone or my sister's uploads) but will have lots to show you as we are off to the Grand Canyon in just a few minutes!

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Now THAT sounds like an AMAZING Christmas day!!!! I LOVE the GBay pic!

And SOOOOO jealous!!! The Grand Canyon?!?! Yes, yes.. pictures certainly better be showing up :0)