Thursday, December 29, 2011

Secret Santa Thank You and More

First off here we are at the Grand Canyon! I had been there once before about ten years ago (not to this spot) but this is DJ, Hannah and Mac's first time. We visited the South Rim and took lots of pictures. We rode the train from Williams which I highly reccommend. It is really beautiful even if it was a bit chilly in December to visit!
This is my whole Arizona family (and my kids who travelled here from Wisconsin) on Christmas Eve. We posed for pictures in ordinary clothes, but thought it would be fun to do a Packer photo with drinks in hand. Only about two of the family members aren't Packer fans--but we are working on them. Everyone donned a Packer jersey (a few were borrowed, lol) and we included a few of the dogs (I have Bug) and amidst yelling GO PACK GO! we got some good photos.
Now on to my Secret Santa Swap gifts. I opened them with the kids on our Christmas Eve. This is a cool bag to put in all kinds of goodies for sewing. I already filled it for my next trip to June's or Ros' for sewing. Can you see it is made from Denyse Schmidt fabric? I love it!
Speaking of DS you see all the beautiful fabric from her line Shannon got me? She also sent several homespuns which I will be adding to my scrappy quilts..I love the plaids. Oh and some love candies too. Here is a picture of all of my loot. I was squealing with joy with every gift I opened. Shannon nailed the fabric I liked and made me SO MANY goodies. I got a sewing machine cover (which I needed!) The cutest pincushion ever, pins, needles, notebooks, including one with a handmade cover and a note inside, and a really cute thread catcher too. I love that it all matches (from the same DS line) and was made especially for me. I have to say I got a lot of fun gifts for Christmas but these really were the highlight (shh, don't tell everyone else) because Shannon really took the time to get to know me through my blog! I am such a lucky Santa Sack 2 participant. Thanks again Shannon! I love it all very much!

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Shannon said...

I am so glad that you like the stuff I sent. I had fun stalking you on your blog. I have enjoyed making things for you. I am sorry that your sewing maching cover is too small. Darn!! I hope that you have a great new year!