Monday, December 5, 2011

A Christmas Finish...Can I Get a Whoot Whoot?

DJ and I worked on quilting this little guy quilt...hoping once it is washed and the sticky spray stuff comes out it lays a little better but it is for a little one and won't be in pristine condition for long anyway. DJ is just learning how to do all this, lol. I did some more sewing on Orca Bay clue 3 (and did the math to do a half size quilt too...figure that will motivate me to try to catch up half of each clue and as it comes together I may add to it as time allows, but at least that way I don't feel like I am running in place and burning no calories!) This is as far as the next 72 hst's got. So now I have 95--sort of!
And I finally got Hannah's Christmas Tree Skirt binding on! I started it earlier today (I worked at 6 30 AM and was home by 130..wrapped Christmas gifts, put my bad knee on ice and attached the binding til it was time to go back to work.) and finished it up after I was done working for the day--after icing the leg again. Lasted about two hours before I had to put my leg up and ice again. Knee is improving faster than I would ever believe, but too slow for this impatient person anyway!
Back to the skirt, the pattern is on Moda Bake Shop "Fruitcake Under the Tree" and I love how it came out. I hope my daughter does too. She requested a tree skirt last year and umm here it is now!
I hope she didn't buy one in the mean time! I backed it with some muslin I got for free from my knitting teacher's fabric giveaway! I figured no point in putting 15 dollars worth of fabric no one will see on the back. My matching skirt is still a flimsy and I am not taking bets it will be done before next Christmas. Too many irons in the fire (or needles in the machine) to get to stuff for me! I really am pleased as punch with this one! Especially since I quilted it myself and it isn't bad :)
In other news I enjoyed participating in SewCalGal's quilt show...I managed to get the most votes overall (by my count) but somehow I didn't win--I am guessing some of my votes were thrown out or something (some were anon since facebookers came over and commented and many of them don't do blogs, etc. but I can tell you they were voting because they were commenting on my facebook!) but I did win a random prize which I will share when I get it. Mom always told me life isn't fair and so again mom is right, lol. SMILE, the winners' quilts were amazing so I resisted the urge to ask how the counting was done and moved on, but I had to say something! Oh well, I am a work in progress.
Hope your Holiday items are getting sewn and you are ticking things off your list!


scraphappy said...

Congratulations on getting some finishes added to the list for the year. It is a busy time and any progress is good.

Sandra Kaye said...

great job Andee!! You will be proud of me. I'm almost finished with step 1 and step 3, they were the same color so I did both at the same time. I just need to press and see it I need to trim. Then I'm off to step 2. I will post about it later this week. Hugs

doni said...

Perfect back for the tree skirt. We have a tradition of drawing around our hands on the back every Christmas. Adults join in the 1st year and children draw around theirs every year. It's a wonderful expanding circle of hands. We're adding our grandkids' hands at this point, tucked into blank spaces! Enjoy!

doni @ Oregon coast

Amy said...

Congrats on your finish. The tree skirt is cute. I'm sure your daughter will love it.