Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm Drowning in Orca Bay!

I am drowning in Orca Bay! Bonnie decided to be nice to the Aussies and send along the next clue a day early when I hadn't really gotten to the last clue. Oy Vey! I did sneak in about two hours of sewing, cutting, pressing, ripping and organizing and just for the heck of it ONE triangle for clue five. So here is where things stand:

Clue one is still a little over half done (and I need them for step six so...). Clue Two and Three are DONE! Clue Four is over half done at 70/128. Clue Five has 1/350, smile though all the triangles are cut and all the hst's are ready to be sewn (I won't mention I sewed about ten of them together INCORRECTLY because in my mind I lay them out like Bonnie does and then upon further inspection I have turned the hst's the wrong way, close but not quite. Did manage to rip all that out and return to the stacks). For Clue Six all I have is a few neutral squares cut out. I
may bring the fabric with me to my mom's tomorrow in the hopes that in the few days we are there I might get a chance to cut all of the stuff for Clue Six. I am enjoying it and my hat is absolutely off to anyone who is managing to keep up. And for those of you doing two and keeping up--well you must only eat, sleep and sew! SMILE.
My younger two kids arrived on Wednesday night from Wisconsin (CJ is already here with me). So very good to see Hannah and Mac! It has been a wild few days already. I had to work yesterday then we went shopping for a bit and came home and I taught Hannah how to knit! She is working on her first dishcloth in purple of course.
Last night while we were doing that, DJ went to urgent care, then to the ER, then they kept her overnight. Finally got to come home today and they think she just has a skin infection but they were worried had infection in her abdomen and could need surgery! It was crazy, but I think they were just being cautious. We hope so anyway.
So this afternoon we made my Great Grandma Myrt's Cornflake Cookies and some Rollout Sugar Cookies (from a Tupperware recipe I got way back when) and we only frosted enough to sample. The rest are waiting for us to get another burst of energy. Those babies are labor intensive, lol. We also made dips to take to Mom's but I still need to make Vegetable Pizza. Lots of vege chopping in my future.
Oh, notice the tiny rolling pins? We actually used kid sized ones from our play-doh supplies until I found my rolling pin which hasn't seen the light of day in several years!
So the kids are keeping me busy as well as my sock knitting. I went to class on Wednesday (was supposed to be the last class...we started out with five gals, last week we had four and this week we had two...and neither of us are done so he agreed to meet with us again next week Friday!) and they were impressed with the improvement of my sock knitting and helped me get in the lifelines on this sock and such. Learned how to do the kitchner stitch (I think it is called) in which to close up the heel which I am going to finish soon. I am loving it now that I sort of get it.

It is farther than this already but haven't got a more current pic yet.

Here is the quilt label Ros made for me that I sewed on Mom and Dad's quilt. Can't wait to give it to them tomorrow! I also sewed Christopher's label on.


scraphappy said...

Those people managing to stay caught up must not be traveling or hosting company! I'm sure we will all catch again after holidays. I hope DJ is OK, sounds scary though hopefully it is just over caution. Enjoy your family.

Roslyn said...

BJ & I are sewing Saturday but probably not the NY Mystery this year. She wants to work on Orca Bay.
Re the cornflake cookies, my aunt used to make them but I never got her recipe, she put white raisins in them or sometimes mixed dried fruit[can't really find that in the USA]. Is that like your recipe? Anyway maybe you can post it!

Bj said...

I haven't stitched a stitch on step 5 or 6, kind of bothering me, ok, really bothering me. I did manage to get my two twin quilts together though and I've got one border on three sides of one and I plan to get the last border/other quilt bordered tonight after getting the dogs toenails trimmed, man was that ever an adventure ;) I want to work on Orca Bay again, I want to stay up to speed on this thing for fear of it ending up being a ufo

Ginny said...

Wow, you've done a lot on Orca Bay! You've finished a lot of the steps, which is great. I've just been doing a small part of each step, and then working to catch up. Buy I am not near to finishing any of them!