Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Flock of Triangles, Quiltalong and Betsy

I wanted you to see how well my Betsy Schnibbles matches my bedroom! We got it hung up above the bed along with some dark colored curtains to keep out the Arizona summer sun!
The bed could be made a little neater, but I wouldn't want to shock anyone since most of the time it isn't even made anymore. (shh, don't tell!)

Today I sewed for several peaceful hours while listening to "The Lightning Thief" was a fabulous day! I went ahead and did my quiltalong blocks with yellow since I was in the yellow for the flock of triangles quilt. Aren't they cheery looking?

Added several more rows to my flock of triangles quilt and you can see Jade kitty was on it before the third picture was snapped (and Rosie too but I chased her off for this photo). I ran out of white fabric so I need to run and get some more so I can finish this one up. Not sure how many more rows I will do, just gonna play it by ear or until I run out of the triangles I have cut up!
Back to work tomorrow...sure was a fun five days of no work!


Barb said...

Wonderful posts today!!

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Your Schnibble looks great in your bedroom! Love your yellow quilts.

Roslyn said...

It looks great on the wall Andee! Is the triangle quilt a baby quilt too?
Meeting BJ for lunch today!

Roslyn said...

Psst I sometimes don't make my bed either, my Mum would be horrified!
It's upstairs, who see it?

Kathleen said...

The snibbles looks great above your bed. Who will notice an unmade bed when there's a pretty quilt to look at?!

Corrie said...

Betsy looks great in your room!