Monday, May 31, 2010

Cats, Dogs and Geese and Some Knitting

Ros has quilted this extra baby quilt up for me...check out below to see the awesome scardy cats she quilted in there! I get a kick out of that...what a suprise!
Misty (a new Deaf friend of mine) has been staying with me for a few days and she wanted to learn how to knit. I have two videos and several books and took that class last I dug out the washcloth my friend Becky helped me start and did some ripping and knitting and ripping and knitting (repeat as many times as your imagination allows) until I finally got it figure out (and a call to Becky!) but it turned out alright. I think I went a few rows too far on the end so it isn't as square as it could be, but I am afraid to rip it out and make it worse. So I am satisfied with that one and we will use it!

I then practiced the purl stitch again (and so is Misty) for a bit and tried doing a pattern that is 5 knit, 5 purl all up the row. It was fun to do and I had the hang of it, but I think I need to practice more purling and visually knowing the difference in the stitches! So I decided to go back to this pattern and started a second one...hopefully I will improve on the second one! Meanwhile Misty is just knitting (or purling) and ripping out regularly! We also put on the movie Dune which I have never seen (and it is several hours long) and so have been semi entertained while we knit. Never did make it to the sewing room today, but maybe tomorrow!

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Kathleen said...

Love the flying geese in this one and the scardy cats are so cute!