Monday, May 17, 2010

Mark Lipinksi's Walk in the Park!

Ros has done her magic again and quilted my Quilter's Home "Walk in the Park" quilt! This one was my UFO challenge quilt that my readers voted for me to finish before July and tada it is almost done! (Still needs binding and a label.)
I started this quilt in Wisconsin (it was from one of the first issues of Quilter's Home I believe) and put in lots of hours since this is really my first applique quilt. I moved it to Arizona in block form and tried several times to applique it...first with colored thread, then with invisible thread, etc. I solicited lots of advice from lots of great quilters, but was never happy with it when I would do it, so I would unsew it! I even signed up for an applique class and worked on some tablerunners to try to get better with the process, but all I discovered is that I am not really patient enough to see it through. My tablerunner is also unfinished!
So after joined the blocks and adding the borders, I begged Ros to take this quilt unappliqued and just quilt all over the dang thing to get it out of my UFO pile (of which there is only one left!) and on its way to someone. I am not positive who will be getting this one yet, I am going to have to mull that over. Ros used a monopoly invisible thread to quilt around the edges of the applique (praise God) and then to quilt all around the rest of it. I could not be happier with this always Ros does amazing work!
In other sewing news...I spent much of the weekend at my sister's house, but I brought along Tara and Tommy's strips and with Kathy's help I got them all cut and the last third is in progress! I also hand stitiched the binding and the label on the Zoe's Quilt History quilt though I need to get a done picture to post on here! So I was quite happy with the amount of stuff I got done sewing wise and I got to hang out with my mom and sister and Tiffany (brother's gf) and make a ton of pasties.
Will have to post some pictures of that but it took over seven hours and we all have a ton of pasties! Then Sunday we went to my brother's house for my nephew Ben's third birthday party. At work now but hope to get to sewing again tonight. Still riding the bike everday, whoot, whoot. A record for me...and up to 30 minutes now with resistance!


Barb said...

Totally beautiful!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Your Ros sure did a bang-up job; the quilting is beauiful and really accentuates the lovely applique :0)

Sadly, I'm with you regarding applique; not my favorite!!! But your quilt turned out lovely!

Sue said...

It turned out looking fabulous! What do you think of Quilter's Home now Mark isn't involved? I like it still, but not as much. Good for you getting on the bike. The Missus and I are both walking each night....and losing weight. I've gone down a clothes size since the beginning of the year...only 2 to go!

Becky said...

Yeah you for getting a ufo done and for all the exercise you have been getting. When are we going to get together to sew again?