Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two Finishes!

Isabella's Flying Geese Map Quilt is all quilted and bound and boxed up to go to Minnesota. I hope she enjoys snuggling with it for many years.
Also got my Zoe's Quilt history blocks quilt all bound, here is the front looking great...I am SO SO pleased with all the time and attention Ros put into quilting each of the blocks differently.

And here is the back...these are the blocks I wasn't nuts for so I put them in the back...Ros cut off the worst one half way through it and I am tickled pink with that since it was an awful block! Also I had a heck of a time with getting the backing the right size with the strip going the same way as the front blocks...I have up and so it is the other direction, gives it more character I say! I plan to bring it to Zoe's to show the group this Thursday night for quilt history class, then I may have to hang this one in the stairway or something. It makes me smile!
I went to Ros' with BJ yesterday and I started working on some birthday and Christmas presents...also started on my Quilt Hitory block for 2010...this year instead of doing a BOM we each are each picking a block we want from WWII time period and making 15 of them with some coordinating fabrics. Then we will all exchange so we will have a full quilt with different blocks. I have chosen my block and cut quite a bit cut and some sewing done too. I have until Dec. to get them done, so I am ahead of myself, that too makes me smile!

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Miss 376 said...

Sounds like you will have another wonderful quilt at the end of the project.