Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day and Night

After spinning a little more than four miles this morning I finally got to sewing! I whipped up a polka dotted binding for the latest Tagalong Schnibble, then started sewing Tara and Tommy's Day and Night blocks toghether.

Night and Day all pinned and ready to go. Also I started listening to Sarah's Key while I am sewing.
Still in quarters (well, two done).

Finally in halves!

Taking the time to pin and match seams and being very careful about my quarter inch this time. Here is the stack of halves all ready to be sewn...three down, and when this stack is done a third of the blocks will be done and I can start all over again. UGH, seems like a lot of blocks, but this one is going to be queen size!
Kathy joined me for a bit and cut the stuff for Patricia and David's new baby Isabella too. I managed to get the flying geese part way done following Eleanor Burnes' directions and will soon be using June's ruler. I need to get one of that size (3x6)...I have the tiniest, the next up and the huges ones! Once the geese are done this top should come together in a snap. The pattern is from Alex Anderson's Start Quilting Third edition book.
Hope you all caught the Parade of Schnibbles today...they were all really super cute as always. For May we can do any Schnibbles we want...I am still trying to choose but hoping to get that cut this weekend too! And of course wanting to get Amy's Passions cut for May too. A girl can dream, right?

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Barb said...

I love the colors and the blocks....can't wait to see it all put together (don't let me rush you)...HA!!