Sunday, May 2, 2010

Road to the White House Block

This is the first of the May blocks for Amy's Passions BOM. We got all three of them cut and I couldn't resist whipping this quick one up. I loved having an easy one! This just might be my favorite one so far, simple to make, but looks a little more complex!
I also sewed the strips for the second third of the Night and Day quilt and got them ironed. The plan is to sit in front of a movie (Up in the Air) and get them cut and pinned. We just had our nephew, Buck, over to play games and we played Quelf for the first time. We liked it so much we played it twice. It was very silly and funny and had all of us laughing. Also took some pictures and video of tap dancing, singing, etc. I think my favorite part was having to quack like a duck every time someone drew a card. That seemed to go on forever!

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

I agree 100%. Fun -n- easy blocks sure are nice! That red fabric is sharp!