Sunday, May 9, 2010

Catching Up on the Labels!

Mac, me, and Hannah
Hannah and I.

Hannah a few weekends ago...she ran a 5K.

Coleman and I at my graduation a few years back.

Yesterday, BJ brought all of us a cool mystery quilt pattern because we had admired a quilt she made from it!

Today I decided to get it together and get to labeling my quilts...somehow I hadn't labeled a single Schnibble! I made about ten labels in all (some after this photo) and ironed them all on the correct quilt. I sewed two so that the NYE quilts can get in the mail this week and the rest await!

My label is the I love you hand and Kathy's is the dog. We both worked on the NYE quilts, but label goes to who did the most on the quilt I guess.

Also did some cleaning up in the quilting studio. Not moving real fast today for some reason! Happy Mother's Day for all you moms out there. I wish I was with my three grown up kiddos...

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Becky said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too!