Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Baby Geese Quilt Done

I handsewed the labels on all but the one quilt I still need to bind (and the few still with Ros) so at least that much is done! I also decided to use the extra flying geese I had (since I can't calculate that you get four geese and not two from the two squares!) to make another baby geese quilt. That isn't what Alex Anderson calls it, but I already forgot! I had this cat and dog fabric leftover from this quilt I made about eight years ago for my honorary daughter Rachel, who lives in Norway. It was nice to use up that leftover fabric for the baby quilt. And it is always good to have a baby quilt or two onhand!
Off to work video more sewing for me today, but maybe tonight!


Linda said...

Your quilts are beautiful! I love the colors and the patterns!

Barb said...

I agree with Linda, your quilts are lovely!!

Sue said...

Work has a bad way of getting in the way of our hobbies, doesn't it? Both look fabulous!