Thursday, June 17, 2010

Carolina Crossroads Clue Two Done!

I am not at all happy with the changes in blogger...I can't figure out how to do anything with any kind of speed...It took me five minutes to get the pictures in here one at a time, what the heck is the deal with that?  I am not yet old, and refuse to let technology pass me by to the point that my future grandkids will be programming the (insert technical something here) the way that I had to program the VCR and explain call waiting to my still happily alive 82 year old grandfather!  Anyway I got up bright and early today to sew on Carolina Crossroads...clue one is above and took a tiny bit of time compared to clue two below!

First I had to make a zillion little parts of nine patches...and I made a few mistakes, color wise, along the way so I started a whoopie pile...guessing I will be able to make a matching baby quilt with those by the time I am done, HAHA!                                                                                                                         

I then sewed them into the cutest little nine patches with one red corner and cut out some blue and light squares to use later on.  All told, I needed 100 and have 101 done.                                                         
Of course I looked ahead at the next clue and imagine my shock to discover I next need to make 80 nine patches from the blues and the that is up next time I really want to go full tilt sewing.  For now my shoulder is killing me from sitting so long and sewing...I estimate it took more than six hours to sew and iron all 100 of these nine patches!  All the work is worth it though, I do love me a quiltville quilt!    I also just finished listening to "The Virgin's Lover" by Phillipa finished within seconds of me finishing this clue...made me smile to have it work out so.  The book was okay, nice to be reading while sewing...makes me feel I have accomplished so much!                                                                 


Roslyn said...

Oh yeah there are a ton of tiny patches in a Bonnie quilt!

Sue said...

lol You are a glutton for punishment....but just think how wonderful it will look when it is finished.