Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And an Apron for Me!

After work tonight I whipped up an apron for me to keep. You can see the blue and white on one side (I bought this in Norway several years ago and have never used it or the matching red fabric) and a really cool Norway looking fabric I used on the front. When I saw it I knew I would finally be doing something with the Norway fabric. I think I will make a similar one for my daughter for Christmas...started cutting it out too. Oh, and I got a new iron today (Black and Decker) partly based on the Pickle Posse's suggestion for good irons...mine was leaking all over and didn't seem to be holding the press. I like the new iron so far.
Off to knit my dishcloth a bit.

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Roslyn said...

I love aprons Andee I have a collection & a stash of fabric to make more! I am an old fashioned girl! Great way to use a fabric with sentimental memories.
Your big quilt goes on tomorrow...........