Friday, June 25, 2010

One of My Favorite Memories

The summer of 2003 (can that really be seven years ago already?) my kids wanted to sew a quilt for themselves. So my daughter Hannah, my psudeo daughter Rachel and my son Mackenzie went with me to the fabric store (in Osseo, Wisconsin) to pick out the pattern Iin the Easy Does It Quilts book) and fabric. We knew we wanted flannel and simple and so they each picked what they liked and we planned to do some trading. I wasn't blogging at the time but I did manage to take lots of pictures as we went. We worked on this a few different days.
I can't recall now, but I am sure I cut the strips and then the kids sewed them into long rows. They were all so proud of them and held them up for a photo! Then I cut them again and they traded a few rows so that they would have more variety in the quilt. It was a blast watching the three of them lay out these rows again and again to try to find just the perfect layout!

I only had two machines at the time (I now have four, lol) and they took turns sewing these rows together again.

They even had enough leftover rows left that we put one together for the oldest (Coleman) who wasn't there at the time we sewed these. He was thrilled to get one too. I must have sewn the edges to pillowcase each of them because we didn't have to bind them. Last we used dmc floss (they each picked a floss color so they could tell their quilts apart) to tie the quilts on the floor--each kid doing his or her own with my help. They all learned how to do the tying and now and again have helped me tie other quilts since they know how.
This was really fun to do with them and is one of my most cherished memories! Amy was posting pics of her oldest trying her hand at sewing and that jogged my memory so I wanted to share this with you! And I am also happy I figured out how to revert blogger to the old set up so that I can put things where I want them and how to postdate a post...yipee!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh FUN! This would be a GREAT way to get a quilt finished in a short amount of time! I'll have to see about having Cass look into my 4.5" strip bin!!! ;0) THANKS FOR SHARING!!!

Miss 376 said...

What a lovely memory. A great way to get them all involved too