Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads and Some Crafting...

This last pic (is the first pic because blogger does not behave for this cursed user) but tonight while watching "Rabbit Proof  Fence" and several episodes of things on TIVO I organized my take in the car hand sewing bag and then sewed the four large stars on this tablerunner.  I can't decide if I want to add more small stars on the corner triangles, or near the larger stars, or if I am good...needs a colorful binding and may hand quilt this one but viola, I like it!

Kathy made this bench for Hannah...we will be driving back to Wisconsin and so it is easy enough to deliver it to her and she can't paint it however she wants.  You may remember these benches are in rememberence of my great grandpa Tony who made a zillion and gave them to all the family members.  The next photo is some more knitted dishcloths...I am getting better at knitting, but not at using this new I can't get it to let me type near the picture as I want to, GRRR!
Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there! This picture is my beloved dad, Lenny, who passed away last September. This picture is from about five years ago at my sister's wedding. I love how he is permantely waving a hey at me. I miss that man...and this next picture is of my stepfather (also called Dad) who is fortunately still with my sister, half-brother and I went up to Prescott and spent the day with him.  It was a lot of fun, even though my mom is back in Wisconsin spending time with her dad this father's day.  (I still have three living grandparents, I am one lucky gal!)

Today at the last minute I went over to Becky's house and worked on some handwork.  I had machine sewed the binding on this quilt and the baby quilt I got back from Ros yesterday and got the label and binding on this little Tagalong Schnibbles.  Also got the label on my Walk in the Park pup challenge quilt so it is officially done!  I also wrapped a ball of yarn and ate lots of yummy veges, some fruit and later on some curry chicken salad on pita and lettuce.  Becky is a great cook and always whips stuff up out of the air while we are sewing...and still manages to get a ton of sewing done.  Nancy from our guild also came over and it was great fun getting to know her!  She patiently taught me how to turn the corner while machine sewing binding on since I always struggle with that and my corners wind up not so crisp!  I think I have it down now and I have a little sample that I sewed to refer to if I can't remember how you fold the binding which is the part I struggle with. 
I also made a pot of my favorite vegetable soup, did laundry and cleaned the downstairs bathroom all late tonight.  I swear I accomplish more after 8 pm than some people do all day...just don't ask me to be too productive before noon!  I work tomorrow and have a freelance job and then am meeting Sarah for dinner (a friend and co-worker) so I better get to bed so I can get on all that tomorrow!  Night folks!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

"I swear I can accomplish more after 8 pm than some people do al day"

A-MEN! That lil' Tagalong Schnibbled is A-DOR-ABLE! And your list of accomplishments DOES sound tiring!!!

I'm very sorry still about your Dad Andee.

Sue said...

You and your missus are two talented womyn! I love it all. What did you think of Rabbit Proof Fence? The Missus and I have lived in places similar to some of those shown in the movie.