Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Parade of Schnibbles

The Parade of Schnibbles over at and is on! Something must not be right with my google reader, beacause one of them posted the parade several days ago and another one ten hours ago and I have been waiting, waiting, waiting. I finally did a search of my google reader and found the one then the other showed up in the reader?????? Not only that but my Cindy Lou Who did not make either parade since somehow it didn't send when I sent it! I am guessing that my always overheating laptop (now fixed) died in the middle of the send or something because I couldn't find the email in my sent box so it was me and not the fabulous gals hosting the parade. Bums me out, but gives me something to strive for next month I guess. Hopefully they will do a late the parade post and it will show up there. Anyway, I need more coffee because all of this was getting me cranky!
They November Schnibbles is going to be Picnic and I went to Quilt Taffy (on ebay and etsy) and have decided to order this kit. So picture is theirs. Can't wait for it to arrive!

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