Friday, November 6, 2009

Joy in the New Year Challenge, Magnolia Bud and Other Special Flowers!

Over at Tallgrass Prairie Studio a group of quilters are challenging themselves to finish up WIPs and such. I went ahead and joined (twice I think, haha) and am aiming to get six quilts done by the new year. I just finished the flimsy on Christmas Lights and hope to have it back and bound, I have two Schnibbles, three baby quilts and a lap sized star quilted being quilted so I will be binding all of them when they get back. I am sure I will get more tops together because I have quilt camp coming up soon and I have two projects ready to go and a third (my Schnibble for November) needs cut.

I also wanted to show you the fun flowers my honey gave me a few days ago. I got some potted petunias outside, and a hanging tomato and these...all a suprise when I got home from work! (And yesterday the kitchen floor was washed in my absence, man am I lucky!)

Here is the Quilt History block for October Magnolia Bud. This was easier than some of the previous blocks, but yet I still had trouble with the triangles--getting them cut at the correct angle. The green are reverse of each other so that went fine, the peach are not! Found the out the hard way after two (yes two) attempts. So one part of the bud is creased, I am over it, lol. I see now that I should have trimmed the bottom (green edge) too instead of the top edge as I don't have a point in there....well leaves vary so let's pretend that is how it looks. I seriously am not sure I would have been a good quilter back when patterns like these were in vogue...they leave far too much for me to figure out and I do better with written directions, not just pictures. Both are better, and the best of course is someone there showing me!

At quilt history class a few weeks ago Lynn brought in lots of cool kit quilts to show us and this was my favorite of them all! Very cute. She has quite a collection and lots of knowledge which she shared with us about kit quilts.

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Miss 376 said...

You are going to be busy getting all those quilts finished. Think it will be a long time before I attempt something that complicated, lol