Thursday, November 5, 2009

Landscaping the Yard

Here is a partial picture of our little backyard...what we had of grass was dead and things weren't looking too hot despite our five fruit trees.

Here is the backyard after landscapers added rock, borders, two plants and new grass!

Here is the front yard after, we added rock, a large boulder at the end of the yard, a Bougainvilla, a Mexican Bird of Paradise and three Bottlebrush/Little Johns. They also fixed our sprinkler system and put drip on the plants so that our maintenance is minimal and these things should stay alive and looking good!

Here is the front yard before...AWFUL! We just could not keep the grass alive and it was pathetic! The best feature is the fire hydrant, haha.

If you live in the Phoenix area I highly reccommend Koala Tree and Landscape of Chandler. The people were a dream to work with and did the job even better than what we expected. We are really pleased with their work and their willingness to work despite our dogs barking at them in the beginning!
On the crafting front...I made five more coasters for the craft sale and last Tuesday I went to may make and take it class and made a cloth bowl...I finished it this morning and just need to hand tack the beady stuff around the top and it will be done and you will get a picture. Not sure who is getting that and not sure I will make any more of them, but it was fun learning to do it!

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