Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friendship Stars, Learning Embroidery and Christmas Stockings!

Not the greatest picture, but my new machine which I am in love with!
I made some friendship stars for my NewQuiltingClub group this weekend. Many people in the club make the blocks and send them in and some of the gals get together and put them into Healing Hugs Quilts like the one they sent me a few months ago before my Dad passed. While planning his service I went to the nearest quilt store and found this maple leaf looking fabric which is remarkably similar to the pattern on his remembrance bulletin. I decided to get it and make these blocks to help restock the supplies for others that need a quilty hug. I have several more cut out to do and while these are not colorful like I would normally do I hope that each quilt the group makes has one of these blocks in it for awhile to come! Lots of hugs go with them!
I spent the better part of both Saturday and Sunday at June's house and she taught me how to embroider! I came home and though I did not have the right thread I gave it a try on my own and this is what I got! I am very happy with it and know with the right thread it will look even better. Yippee!

While at June's I worked on these Christmas stockings. I found the pattern on the internet and the blogger referred to another blogger for the star pattern and she referred to Gwen Marston's work...and I also used another pattern called Magic Stocking I found on the net, and between all that and some freehand stocking drawing I got these stockings! I am quite happy with them...they were fun! The second one I pieced the front and back of the stocking to make it more quilty. I have another (plainer) one partially done too.


Anne Heidi said...

Congratulations on your new machine! The stockings are so pretty and I love the star blocks!

Quilt Hollow said...

My first time to your blog and I've enjoyed scrolling through photos of the happenings here. I thought rather than lurk I'd say hello and congratulate you on that new baby! I bet it hums along lovely!!

Mary said...

Just found your blog, love your quilts! Hugs, Mary