Monday, November 30, 2009

Figgy Pudding Tablerunner

I quilted and bound my Figgy Pudding Tablerunner today (and quilted another smaller one that still needs bound) and am pretty happy with it...I am not going for perfect, but done and am glad I enjoyed doing it! My new machine has me spoiled already and I can see I will be learning more about quilting and trying new things in the future. This tablerunner is already at home underneath two laptops on our antique table. The other runner needed a rest! Next one will be about three more squares long because the table needs a bigger one and I apparently can't eyeball it and get it!

I also did some cooking today and made homemade Chicken Dumpling Soup from my mom's recipe. Took a picture and uploaded it to Tastebook where I have typed in about 100 recipes but only have pictures of about twenty or so because I always forget to take the pictures! Despite the fact that I mistook Red Robin seasoning salt for chicken bouillon this soup tastes great!

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