Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Lights Goes to Maine

My Christmas Lights top and the backing shown here (the lights) are on the way to Maine to be quilted! I should have it back before Christmas and I can already see me working on the binding and laying it across the back of the couch! Not ready to part with this one permanently yet.
Last night Kathy helped me cut the Picnic Schnibbles out after a quick trip to the casino for Randy's birthday. No one won which wasn't so fun, but afterwards we went out to Outback for some steak and such. Randy was pleased with his Packer T-shirt and hat and new slippers though today is really his birthday...everyone is working so yesterday we pretended! A few more days til Quilt Camp!

1 comment:

bingo~bonnie said...

love the “Christmas Lights” on your backing fabric! Perfect for your quilt!

I'm excited for you that like me found Mrs. Margret's super quilting special!!! ;) I finished up my top today and posted over on my blog.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie