Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sewing at Becky's and at Home

I went to Becky's to sew with the gals today and had fun. I met several of her friends and another gal I know from quilt camp came too. Everyone was doing their own thing and it was really relaxing! Becky even cooked us a good dinner of white chili. I used my Amy Schimmler fabrics to make Ben two pillowcases which were fun.
Not the greatest picture, but I made eight of these Christmas napkins, these four are a gift and the other four I am keeping!

I also made CJ a pillowcase from his leftover quilt fabric.

Then at home I decided to go nuts and make each of Randy's four (fifth on the way) grandkids a pillowcase from odds and ends leftover fabric I had (and the Thomas the Tank Engine fabric I bought thinking it was Little Engine that Could that another gal online wanted) so four more Christmas gifts done. Also cleaned through all my odds and ends bits and made another dog bed with scraps in it and have much less odds and ends fabric left! I hate to waste anything so it felt good to use of some of these bits! And I feel a bit more justified in buying more fabric.
Bonnie is out with clue two and if I am in a sewing mood I will work on it tomorrow--but we are going to Kathy's sister's for Thanksgiving and I have to make pickles, cream cheese and ham to take and we will spend part of the afternoon there with more turkey so not sure how much sewing there really will be.


Becky said...

I had a great time today, thanks for coming!

Miss 376 said...

Looks like fun. Those pillowcases will keep some little people very happy