Saturday, October 31, 2009

Christmas Lights, A Pile of Rocks and Halloween

Kathy's niece and nephew stopped by for some early trick or treating tonight...they were so cute and excited to be meeting friends and going out! The pile of rock you see behind them in our driveway will be replacing the never growing or green grass in our yard tomorrow! Arizona and grass don't mix and we are so happy to be finally putting in rock. We will also upgrade the grass in the back yard to a sturdier variety on Tuesday...will be more before and after pictures on that soon!

After sitting outside for a few hours and only getting about twenty cute little trick or treaters we came in and Kathy pinned and ironed and I sewed the blocks into rows for Christmas Lights. Soon will get the rows together and the borders on it...still undecided who will wind up with this one! Usually I know who things are for while I make them, but other times it doesn't come right to It is shaping up alright!

I am absolutely dying to see the Parade of Schnibbles and have been obsessively checking my google reader all day but so far no post...maybe tomorrow? I can't wait for that and to know what the new pattern is for November...I sent my first two Schnibbles off to be quilted and am really looking forward to getting them back too! If you decide to join in I have to warn you, these little quilts are addicting!
Going to watch the Packers beat Favre tomorrow--I hope!

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