Sunday, October 4, 2009

Christmas Gifts, Craft Show Stuff and Christmas Light Clue Two Done!

Kathy wanted some coasters for the craft show so we have been slowly piecing some from scraps and today we finished about thirty total though some are one block. They are cute--nice to use those leftover Glace scraps up!

Here is what my Christmas Lights blocks look like, they are all done and ready for the layout!

Some Packer decorative potholders for Christmas gifts.

Oh, I put together the leftovers from that last quilt top a little bit differently for another baby girl quilt top. Zoe felt the need to jump on it before I could grab a photo.
My mom and sister drove down here and we all went to Bingo last night. My sister won 340 bucks so she was quite happy and it made the night happy for us all. Mom had never played bingo and she was a riot trying to keep up and figure out the patterns and stuff.

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Miss 376 said...

Looks like that quilt top has got the seal of approval