Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pillowcases, Coasters and Such

Went by Zoe's Trunk today and discovered it was closed--I need to read my emails better! I missed a really good sale, but Mary was there and kindly let me in and I went a little nuts! I haven't done that in so long--it felt great. One of the items I got was the brown and white fabric above that I turned into pillowcases (the red fabric is left over backing for the Double Delight quilt) so I happily have some pillowcases. Still need to decide on curtains, valances, etc. and make those to match.
Kathy picked out some cowboy fabric as well, and we whipped up fifteen coasters for her craft sale...plan is if they don't sell we have two or three people we know who can use them so they will get them for Christmas presents...not sure if I am hopeful they will sell or not! The ones on the right on the chair are made from leftover fabric from Cindy Lou Who...they are cute too!

Here is a full bag of coasters all ready for the craft show...they have gone together suprisingly quickly because Kathy helped alot! We work well together on this kind of stuff. She also helped me cut some borders and triangles for Christmas Lights today too, and we managed to find the new Quiltmaker today! I can finish that one anytime too. I need to find one more Christmassy border fabric for that quilt and decide on a backing too. No idea who is getting that one yet either!
Worked on some other stuff today too, but will save that for another post when it is done. It was a great weekend here at our house!


Becky said...

Wow, you've been productive lately! I've been in a quilting slump lately. Hopefully next semester won't be as busy and I'll be able to quilt a little more.

Miss 376 said...

You have been busy girls. Got quite a production team going