Monday, October 12, 2009

A WIP Top is Together!

Some of you may recall that many moons ago (ok
all of last year) I was doing a star block or two a month with one of my online groups...I finally found some celestial looking fabric (it isn't solid black like it appears here) today and put these together semi haphazardly to make a lap size quilt for my cousin's daughter Maggie Lou. While I was in Wisconsin this last time I got to spend time with my cousin Carla and she told me that of her three children, the youngest has been requesting her mom make her a quilt for years. Carla is crafty but she is a full time mom, dentist and volunteers at the kids' school and church and all that and just hasn't fit learning to quilt in yet. So since I had a special request it occurred to me that I could get these blocks together and viola it would not take forever! I am thinking I will throw the rest of the star blocks together with more of the black fabric and call it the back too! That way this WIP will be off my list, and I will be down to two! Anyway, I know all this hard work will be loved by a fabulous little girl!

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