Saturday, October 17, 2009

Star Quilt Backing Done Too!

Remember the front? Well here is the back!
I used all of the star blocks except the one that had pretty much no contrast so you could barely tell it was a star. I will throw that in one of my dog quilts or something. So happy to have this WIP from last year all done! I am down to two WIPS and that is a good feeling. I have more in progress, but those two are just sitting and I hate that...will get to them soon too! One of them some of you voted for me to finish before next I really need to get on that one! Meanwhile I need to see if one of my favorite longarmers has time to do this one for Maggie Lou...Stephanie are you busy? SMILE....I have four baby quilts, this one and two Schnibbles quilts that need quilting...I am getting ahead of myself!

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