Monday, October 19, 2009

A Donation Quilt to Downy Quilts for Kids

I requested a kit from Downy Quilts for Kids and got it a few days ago. The fabric was already cut (the four patches into strips which made it go fast) and I was able to whip this up yesterday and add borders today. If you are interested in a free kit (you mail it back after you quilt it) for a good cause go to and request a kit. Oh that is our oldest dog Otto who immidetely found the quilt on the floor despite being blind! They send the backing and cool label too...the only thing I had to supply was time, thread and batting. And of course postage to send it back...the whole time I was sewing I was thinking about how I hope this quilt comforts a young sick person and gets loved to pieces.
There has been a big plea for people to volunteer and so this is the way I choose to volunteer! I need to do another quilt of valor quilt too! Anyway this one is bright and happy and was a joy to piece!


Miss 376 said...

I am sure it will be cherished, the fabric they chose is brilliant

Becky said...

Heard you had my dad out there today to do some repairs for you. Thanks for hiring him!