Friday, October 9, 2009

Quilt History Arizona Block

This is actually last month's quilt history block (well August's) which I didn't do so well with...first off I had to miss the meeting and so I didn't see the block sample and the directions I was given were color coded NOT to match the actual fabric given! To top that off I mistook some of the directions and I had one heck of a mess--I spared you the picture of that. So this past month I bought a second kit and started almost completely over. The store owner was nice enough to let me take her block home so I could get it right (you gotta love that) and viola here is the block. It was hard to match some points and all that and I can tell you I would never do a full quilt out of these blocks, but it is pretty.
I wish I had been at the meeting because they talked about quilt history in Arizona in the 1930's and such. This included information on Emma Andres who was a quilter from Prescott at the time. I read Grand Endeavors: Vintage Arizona Quilts and Their Makers by Pam Knight Stevenson not that long ago and so I did learn some on the topic, but I am sure it was a great meeting.
So I am caught up on the quilt history blocks which is a good feeling. I also stitched quite a bit tonight on my Cindy Lou Who quilt...I have all the blocks done and borders cut. I have a work party and mini golf tomorrow but hopefully I will fit in some sewing and get that put together this weekend. It looks good though I had to unsew yesterday because I had used the wrong fabric in some of the squares and it just wouldn't have looked right if I didn't change it out. After some deliberation, I fixed it and am happy with it. I like making nine patches much more than snowball blocks!
I can't believe my dad has been gone a month. Time keeps on moving but still hard to believe...I started watching "The Young and the Restless" again after spending time with my sister and mom (my grandma and great grandma used to watch it as well) and I got all interested in it again...they killed off one of the characters and have been having memorial services and all that and it brought me back--crazy to tear up at soaps, I can't be alone in that though!

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Miss 376 said...

You will find it happens at the most unexpected times and it can be silly things that set it off. I've had songs, or even things the kids have done or said that remind me of my mum.
It must be so interesting getting the history of the quilts too.