Sunday, March 1, 2009

Running Amok Top Done!

I worked on the mystery runner and got the top done today...had issues taking pictures though. The wind was blowng, the sun was here but not there, etc.
This is the best of the lot, inside on the back of the couch...will try again later!I have the binding all done for this one too, no clue where this one will go...just liked the colors though it doesn't really match my house at all!
Here are my fabric finds from the half off Saturday sale at Goodwill...this purple is made into curtains, but I will chop it up for some quilts.

Had to have this little stripe since I think it is an exact match to the fabric my great grandfather had a work pants out of or something..he used it for the fabric on his wooden quilt frame he made for grandma's hand quilting and tying...I have some of it and I need to compare it but this might be the same!

A little Christmas fabric to add to that stash.
And a bit of a colonial heritage fabric I couldn't leave behind...all told, this fabric was $2.50 so it was a deal!
And Randy returned from Ohio after his mom's funeral and Trooper was extremely happy to have him back. (This is my mom's dog I am dogsitting til we find him a good home. He is a year and a half and is a sweetheart, but I already have four dogs! My mom says he needs a person...)
I did one more DD block this morning, 17 more row and I am halfway there! How are you coming on DD?

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Miss 376 said...

The table runner looks great, and yes, the colours go really well together. You've got some lovely fabric too, love the colonial one