Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Idol and a Tablerunner Class

Just finishing up American Idol here and I have three or four people I really like, but tonight Adam blew it out of the box. I would buy his album! I held my breath waiting for the judges to agree with me and they did. I hope he goes all the way--AMAZING!

Tonight I went to the tablerunner class at the Cutting Edge. I had trouble getting the book with the supply list before the class though I stopped in twice ahead of time. So I just went and met the teacher and got enough info for next month's class. She seems great and I think I will really like the class. I came home and got to work on tracing applique and cutting out some of it. I can do the Jan, Feb, and March tablerunners on my own and bring them in if I want...think if I do some at home I can end with the year's worth of runners even though I am starting late. Don't really know what I need them for or why I am making them, lol but I wanted to meet more quilters in the area and sounds like she will help me learn how to quilt them too! I haven't done much (in the ditch, cross the seams, etc.) so that is exciting to know. She said it is a small evening class so we get alot done! YIPPEE! Almost wish I would have been prepared to stay tonight but that is okay. I had a migraine earlier (mild) and it went away in time to go..yay to that too.

Have I mentioned Spring Break is next week. I CAN'T WAIT! Today one of my students called me a "F--ing B-I-T-C-H" because she was upset about her paper grade. My first and last year of teaching high school. Smile. Wrote her up but still have to deal with her tomorrow I am sure. Sigh. Her best bud is the duck throwing girl you may remember from an earlier post.


Miss 376 said...

I'd hate to have to take that from other children, I wouldn't from my own. so glad it looks like you have found a class that ticks all the right boxes, look forward to seeing the results

Lynn said...

Teenagers! Aren't they great?? The only good thing about the situation is that some day she'll be a adult herself (with any luck)and will have to put up with things like that! Doesn't excuse her tho! Patience! Hope the day is better for you today!