Thursday, March 12, 2009

All Kinds of Stuff

Here is some of the applique I worked on the other is for the Tablerunner of the month club I just joined..this is for April's pattern.
The binding for my other tablerunner...should get this thing done on Spring break this week.

We had a fender bender last Saturday as you can see. My girlfriend was driving and since the 101 was closed we had to take some other regular roads and they were all stop and go traffic...we were stuck in a non moving lane and she decided to pull into the slow lane since she wanted to make a right turn up at the lights. She checked in the mirror and turned around and it was clear (traffic was stopped in that lane ahead of us but not up to us) and she pulled out...the guy was going WAY TOO FAST for that kind of traffic but the speed limit there was 45...we could hear his brakes and all of us had time to grab our seats and hang on it took so long for him to hit us. I didn't even look in the mirror to see what was coming, just braced for one heck of an impact. Luckily he only got the back corner of the car and it wasn't near as bad as the 30 seconds leading up to the hit! Everyone was fine, we have insurance, pain in the rear but life goes

We hung shelves in CJ's room last weekend and here is the picture of some of his junk (I mean treasures) up there. See the big green quilt, my grandma Nan made that years ago and my sister has a matching purple one. Gma passed them on to us a few years ago. They aren't super fancy, have thick batting and are tied, but a quilt is a quilt!
Here is Daisy checking out the tomatoes and peppers we bought. I need to take another picture in the light of them after we repotted them. We are hoping to get some veges!
And here are our new flowers and the pot..I LOVE THE POT. It wasn't in the budget but we went nuts and bought it anyway...figure we will have it for years and our back porch needs some color and excitement.
Here is the pot close up. The other side has a different design, but that sun is so COOL! (or should I say so HOT!) You can see the table and chair set my parents passed on to me that we painted too. They are comfortable chairs.

I applied for a job with some relay companies (sign language interpreting on video phone) and hope to be interviewing soon. I have heard some rumors that with all the budget cuts some of us newbies won't be back next year anyway so good thing I had already planned on doing something else! Oh and the girl that called me the expletive...administration sent me back her referral and told me to call her parents to tell them I gave her a 0. Sigh, no suport there which suprises me. I went down to talk to the head guy about it but he is tied up until after break so...onward and upward!

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Miss 376 said...

That's a horrible feeling waiting for the impact, so glad no one was hurt. I have tomato seedlings on the window sill in my bathroom at the moment, not sure what we will do if they all survive