Friday, March 6, 2009

Colonial Quilt Bluework and DD Continues!

Hard to see in this picture, but I traced out four more blocks for the Colonial Bluework by Ruby McKim. Tonight I plan to watch Beverly Hills Chiuahuaha and work on a block or two. I am awaiting my darling and my Indian food dinner!

This quilt will be bigger than my design wall, but look two little rows on the other half so only THREE more rows to go! Of course other than that lone block up there the others aren't yet put together! Starting to feel like I will get it done though so I will keep on plugging away at it. I am not really pinning anymore...started out being really good about that, but now I am happy with how they come out when I carefully lay the blocks together and sew slowly and eyeball things. If I am not happy I frog stitch. There has been a bit of that, but I want to be delighted with this quilt when it is done (doubly) so I am taking my time with that.


3anklebiters said...

your progress is great. i'm still a bit behind, but hopefully will get this one off my sewing table during spring break!

Anonymous said...

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