Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Bluework Block, Lasagna and Taxes!

Last night our guests wound up backing out at the last minute due to illness so we wound up watching TV and movies and I did this entire bluework block. I discovered that I accidently did the second block in the wrong blue! Sigh. So I will most likely be redoing that one at some point. For this block I put my initials on it and in one of the circles it looked like a double zig zag or something and I made it an "M" for Mac since this will be for my son Mackenzie when it is all said and done.
We made lasagna today. I haven't made it in MANY years because the first two times I tried I messed up the timing of the noodles and it was a wasted effort. Kathy did the noodles this time and I took a picture before it went in the oven and forgot to take one when it came out! It was really tasty and we will be eating it leftover all weekend with Randy's help.

I went in to get my taxes done at H and R block tonight. The gal who did them was fabulous though my taxes are so complicated this year since I sold and bought a house, own my own business, switched regular jobs, have itemized medical, job, moving, and getting house ready to sell expenses. Despite my best efforts at having everything I needed, we left a few hours later with an itemized list of things to bring back on Sunday. So we spent two hours tonight finding everything else we needed (I am a keeper of these things it is just a matter of which place it got kept at!) and I added up all my medical stuff, etc since I had forgotten to do that....anyways five and a half hours later we are completely organized and ready to go back on Sunday. We were really excited to have a coupon to use for the tax service...20 bucks off. We asked before we left how much to get the taxes done (I was thinking 150 or so...last time I had them done was years ago and it was 60 or so) and she said so far our bill was about 601 DOLLARS. I am in shock. It really couldn't be avoided this year (usually I do my own) with all we had to do but sheesh. I should have been an accountant. Smile.
We tossed around the idea of driving to the ocean tomorrow because I haven't seen Pacific Ocean (except from the air) but added up costs in our head and decided to wait. Would have been a better way to spend the money than on taxes, but alas I am the responsible type!
I did sew a little bit earlier but haven't taken pics yet, so will save that for tomorrow's post.

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Miss 376 said...

It doesn't seem to matter how much you get together, there is always something else they want. Hope it all gets finished Sunday. The bluework block is fabulous, a great way to use up the unexpected free time