Sunday, March 1, 2009

Still More Progress on DD!

Jade, my little helper is fast asleep on top of my quilt blocks. Every time I take the lid off this container she is in it before I can recover it. Sigh, the quilt comes with cat hair!
The first three rows are all sewn together now and and the next two are blocks just placed there. I finally feel the excitement of progress! I am about half way to getting all the blocks sewn exciting! I think that is it for tonight.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Woohoo You! I don't think you have to worry about me surpassing your progress now that I've dug into the March quilt :0)
BUT.....the challenge is on!!!!
Ready-set-go! :0)
Have a great week

Sue said...

lol Every quilter needs a quilt inspector! Jade is absolutely gorgeous. Lestat is asleep under the doona on our bed and has been there for about an hour or so. Your progress on DD is fantastic. The colour combination you are using is lovely!

Miss 376 said...

Cats always know where they are most wanted! You've made great progress and it's lookin great