Monday, March 16, 2009

Double Delight Clue Four and Five DONE!

Since my camera is giving me a lens error message at the moment I have no pictures to prove it, but I am done with my Double Delight step four and five blocks! I added another row to what I already had so only two more rows to make and the top is together (not sure what to do with borders yet) so that is my goal for this get that baby done! Kathy got called in to work today so dinner is in the crock pot and on the stove and I have caught up on my TIVO and finished my audiobook (Change of Heart by J. Picoult) and decided to catch up on blogs and update any of you who follow along on my quilting! Special thanks to Amy for motivating me to keep on keeping on with this quilt. I had hit a bit of a slump and her progress really got me motivated again! If you don't read Amy's blog you should--she is prolific in her quilting and on a side note she runs and motivates me to at least think about physical health! if you want to check it out. I haven't learned how to imbed links corectly yet so there it is.
As for the rest of my life...Saturday I went to the AQS in Mesa. It was a lot of fun and I met up with several gals from my online Quilt-Talk group. B.J. I had met once before and I liked her even better the second time around, and then June and Charlotte I met for the first time. It took all of five minutes for us to be talking like we have known each other forever. Funniest part is we are quite diverse in age and background and quilting is for sure what holds us together...not sure we would ever have become friends any other I am so happy for internet blindness and the kind hearts it leads me to! I would post a pic, but the other three have yet to post theirs and I have none til I get it from them! (later note, they sent me the pic! left to right Charlotte, me, B.J, and sitting is June)My favorite quilt at the show was a gorgeous crayoned quilt--with Arizona flora and fauna in it. It was rather muted in color but I was just struck by the overall effect of it and the idea of it. It got my vote for best of show. There were a few knock out Bargellos there which reminded me I should get out mine and do something with it. I bought six green fat quarters (to hopefully work on Amy's March challenge) and a pin to commemorate the show as well as some applique needles I needed.
Yesterday Randy and I went to the Ostrich Festival here in Chandler. It was fun though I got sunburned because I didn't think about sunblock in March (lol can't tell I am from the Midwest can you). Saw my first ostrich races and heard the Grassroots band sing some 60's tunes. Plenty of people watching and of course I ate several fried foods that are not on my normal diet. HAHA! However we walked a zillion miles so hopefully that counteracted some of it. It was a great weekend which only could have been greater if I had my camera working! Randy has my old camera somewhere so I may have to borrow it from him when I get DD together.

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