Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lucy's Shopping Bag--I Made Two!

I really wanted to make a simple bag or two to reduce my footprint on the earth and so here are two bags (from Bonnie Hunter's Scraps and Shirttales book, picture borrowed from her quiltville site).

So I used the last of the chunk of Hawaiian fabric I got at Goodwill (it had been a funky curtain but I took it apart) and one other Goodwill red scrap to make these two bags. So happy to now have two bags to take to the store and fill instead of all those plastic bags! I didn't add any patchwork blocks on these since the fabric was so busy but I may when I make some more. This bag was amazingly simple to make...excellent directions and it all went together really quickly! WOW!

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Roslyn said...

Good for you, re -use & re-purpose & all green!
I have saved all our symposium bags from years of corporate America, & I also have a cute pattern for a self contained bag that stays in my purse.
Go green!