Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quilt History Block for February--Brackman Block # 707

Today I finally got my hair cut...even with an appointment had to wait...long story but a crazy day for the stylist. I decided to just read my book (Ines of My Soul by Isabel Allende which I discovered I had already read!) and not let the extra hour get to me. She was eternally grateful so I was really happy that for once time didn't stress me out! I also made an appointment to get my taxes done tomorrow night...spent some time last night organizing all the papers so I am set. Other than that, the day flew by. We have friends coming over tonight to play games but I managed to get in a little is the Quilt History Group's February 2009 block. It is the Brackman Block Number 707.
Overall I am happy with it though once again I am not good with these little diagrams and I didn't look up directions...I consequently had a few issues related to that and wasn't sure how to get the bottom on the diagonal, but it all went together well enough. I am happy to have another little finish! I still have three bluework blocks to go before next week Thursday! I better get to work on those. Been dragging them around with me but haven't taken them out.

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