Saturday, February 28, 2009

Judy Hopkins' Running Amok Tablerunner Mystery

This morning I got two more DD blocks together. That makes 16 done and 44 to go. LOL! I then went to the Running Amok Tablerunner Mystery class (remember the mix up a few weeks ago?) and I was the only student. Sigh. The owner of the shop was the teacher and she decided to sew a second one with me which was nice. We gabbed some and I struggled with my machine since it is still eating fabric! At the end she was nice enough to give me her original rendition of the pattern since she didn't have a use for I will add more and finish this one.
Aren't the colors awesome?
Here are my blocks which I will finish later today hopefully into a runner. I am happy with them overall, the colors went together better than I expected!
So the shop owner has redeemed herself somewhat (without even knowing it) since she can be rather nice but is funny about the credit card thing. I was sure to bring cash today...sigh. I did sign myself up for a few classes/clubs at another shop that came highly recommended to me. One is the applique club and one is the tablerunner of the month club...also had them put me down for the Baltimore Album one that starts in May...though I will have to see the quilt before I commit to it and after a few months of the applique club I may decide I am not THAT into applique. We shall see.


Miss 376 said...

Hope the next classes are more successful, nothing more frustrating than them not meeting expectations. Look forward to seeing the table runner

Robyn *Ü* said...

Hey Andee! Love the blog background and your table runners are so pretty. I love that star pattern.