Saturday, February 7, 2009

Double Delight Clue Three Done and on to Clue Four--Sneak Peak!

After taking three of our four dogs to the Bark Park (first time for all three to go and for me to go) I came home and got to work on step three of my Double Delight as promised. Kathy came up and helped me cut out the setting triangles for a future step and helped cut strips for me. She trimmed a set of ten of these nine patches too, but left me these thirty since she didn't care for the fussiness of it. So technically I have 30 trimmings left, but I already went ahead and put together one block from step four....
So here is the sneak peak at clue four blocks! I have to put together a total of 30 of these before moving on to step five. As you can see my nine patch on this one isn't quite perfect..most look better than that but overall I love it, am doing the dance of joy and really loving Bonnie K. Hunter's talent!
We are supposed to pin all the points and take care to sew them up just right so I will try to take my time and not just barrel through this step. So much has gone into this quilt so I love it! How far are you on Double Delight?


Paula said...

It's really looking great! I decided not to do this one, and I think it's my favorite so far!

Quirky said...

It looks fabulous! Love the colours your chose....and your piccie on the header!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Finally! Blogger has been (#*&$)#(*& to me lately and I haven't been able to get to comment!

But it's SO funny that you ask about how far along we are on DD......
I cut step 1 out on Sunday and will tackle sewing up a storm tonight. Actually, as soon as I finish commenting, I'm logging off and heading in for an update!
I can't wait! I love the scrappiness of yours!

*side-note chuckle*
my word-verification is "unochol"; is that a new word to describe individuals who like to drink alone? .... okay, bad humor.