Monday, February 16, 2009

So Much for a Class Today....

Just felt the need to feel sorry for myself publicly. Sigh. I have the hardest time with taking quilting classes. Back in Wisconsin I signed up for a few at this one store and every time one thing or the other would go wrong (told me the wrong supplies to buy--oops that was last month--told me the wrong time of the class so when I showed up no one was there--oops, barely an apology was made for their mistakes and I boycotted them after three, etc.). Now I don't take this personally exactly, but wonder if as a whole quilt shops are run half assed!
Today I was going to try a new shop...says right on the website that the class is today from 1-4...I stopped in last Saturday because I had no supply list and the gal running the place couldn't find the mystery pattern. I had a whole conversation with her about the fact that the mystery was coming up in just a few days, etc. I wound up leaving without any more direction than I started with. She even told me see you Monday. Now this is the shop owner and teacher of the class. She told me she would call me Monday morning so that I would know what I needed. No call this morning...So today I go in an hour early to get the supplies since I still had no idea. The people at the shop were rather suprised to see me and didn't know there was any class. They opened up the book and it said the class was Sat. the 28th. Now I know the website said TODAY not the 28th for two I normally work on Monday's and was excited the class was on a holiday so that I could go and two, I had a very important appointment scheduled in Wisconsin for the 27th and 28th so I would never had signed up since I have to be there. (Appointment has been postponed again til the end of May) the gals go back to ask the owner and come out and tell me I was right it was today. Then finally the owner comes out and tells me what I need for supplies. I take my time picking them out and get them cut and then go to say I am ready only to have her tell me that the class is the 28th! I re-explain to her that I am sure the website says today and that was why I was bugging her for supplies Saturday and today. She makes like I am mistaken (checked the website when I got home and it is TODAY) and grabs me some cutting instructions as I am leaving the I haul the machine out and come back in and get them.
Now I know mistakes are made, but I am thinking I am done trying to sign up for classes. So far I have 38 bucks into this mystery tablerunner and I know how to sew and I am the only person signed up for the class... was hoping to meet some other sewers....sigh.
Tell me all the shops aren't this disorganized....I love this shop but not so much today. Just so this post doesn't have you as depressed as are the fabrics I picked out and the inspiration picture that helped me pick the colors.

I did sew two Double Delight blocks together this morning...not happy with the seam on one of them so will be ripping it out. I also cut several different fabrics for hexagon I Spy quilts down the road. Kathy went to get me Indian food (Chicken Mahkani) to cheer me up and make my crabby go away! Borrowed this picture from someone online, but looks like my current favorite food--if you have never tried it you gotta!


Miss 376 said...

Think I would be very frustrated to. I usually have something going on with the kids when there are lessons I want to do. I am hoping that will change this year, I am determined to get to at least one. Hope you have a happier day tomorrow

Becky said...

I have been boycotting Zoe's for years because the owners are cranky and often downright rude. Try Cutting Edge Quiltworks or Quilter's Oasis instead.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Holy buckets child! You have had some terrible luck, that's for sure! I haven't ever taken a class; no shops near that offer them. I'm teaching a class myself right now, and thankfully, I think everything is running smoothly (at least the ladies don't appear to be complaining)

Sorry for your poppy day, BUT the fabrics ARE lovely!