Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Little Elephant Bag

Finally did a little sewing tonight..did four more DD blocks (so 14 out of 60 are done..LOL!) and then I sewed this little bluework elephant into a bag for my nephew. http://zuill.us/andreablog/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/trixie-the-elephant-stor.jpg

The pattern for the bluework is at this page. It reminds me of going to the zoo with Ben and the family at Christmas time. This will be the year of the elephants I guess!
I also wanted to post this equality symbol...I have this on the back of my car and sometimes people ask me what it means...I am not sure if this is the official answer, but to me it means we are all created equally and we should treat everyone equally. In other words, acceptance. I felt the need to post that because tonight I watched a show that was primarily about hate (the history of Neo-Nazism) and wanted to throw some counter action into the world...rarely do I preach, but love thy neighbor as thyself...if everyone did this our world would be a happier place! What is your favorite symbol?


Miss 376 said...

He looks perfect on that bag

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Woo-hoo! 14 blocks done. I'm still holding at trimming steps 1&2; haven't started 3 yet. Too many other new-n-exciting projects have intrigued me :0)

I'm always impressed with the stitcheries I see others do; KNOWING how much time they take. I, for one, am NOT a stitcher----no passion there for me.

As for the symbol---first, THANKS for the logical explanation. I'll admit I would also have been one to ask what it meant. As a math teacher, you must know that I surely appreciate it :0) And, as a math teacher, I guess I've never asked myself what my favorite symbol is.....hmmm....interesting thought to ponder. Maybe the infinity symbol (sideways 8) just because it's such a strange abstractual concept to fully grasp. I mean, how can there be an infinity---if you think you've reached infinity, I could always say "add 1 more to that" ....so....HOW can infinity really ever be reached??!?!
(okay---sorry! Great math debate there that I've had numerous times in my Pre-Calc class)

OH! Speaking of school---CONGRATS on your AEPA! I bet that's a load of your chest now......

Happy Wednesday

hmmmmm.....my word verification is "nines". Maybe that is a SIGN that I need to get going on step 3 of DD! HA!