Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lady Applique Started and Babysitting Ben!

I managed to get this all set so I can sit and stitch on her. I am not sure how to applique the edges of her but will give it a shot. This may be the only one I do of these! Kind of fussy work I thought! So I added in the problem. Then I used my machine to do an applique stitch around the isn't bad from 100 feet on a galloping horse as they say. If you enlarge it and really look, I am not happy with it in parts but at least I tried it!

Here is Ben with the cat toy he loved at our house.

Not far from the cat toy...stacking stuff was a hit!

Still stacking! He was great fun, but I accomplished nothing but running after him! Since he hasn't spent much time here yet I wasn't sure what he would get into so barely took my eyes off him. He is pretty much non stop action. He cried for a bit once the novelty of being here wore off and he realized his Dad had left! I spent about ten minutes or so trying to distract him and luckily we found the cat and fed her then the cat toy and he was happier. Eventually we watched Nemo and played with blocks and stacking and all that. Whew...he enjoyed us but think he will be happier or more secure with us next time. I hope anyway...he is so adorable and says "I love you Angela" so sweet! Ahh little ones!

I worked on a little something for my honey for Valentine's day...not too happy with how it turned out, but I am sure it will be appreciated.



3anklebiters said...

sunbonnet sues and sunbonnet ladies are among my favorite patterns. yours is lovely.

Quirky said...

The lady is lovely. Ben is too cute for words!