Friday, February 6, 2009

An Early Valentine's Day Present and Progress on DD!

My sweetheart got me an early Valentine's Day gift! Three buttons from zazzle that show quilts I have done with the quiltville group Bonnie K. Hunter leads...I am still working on that third one, but I am loving it!

I also got the matching magnets! I am feeling like a lucky girl. Really not in the budget for these things right now, but I was gifted with them anyway...I love magnets and I used to collect buttons so YAY for me!
I put in a little work on clue three of Double Delight yesterday and again tonight. I have a total of 91 made I believe! They are slower going that I would have expected but they trim up so cute. I am going to try to push to actually finish these this weekend and start getting the clue four blocks together!

See that stack getting higher and higher?

I got another set of ten done after this picture...some of them aren't quite perfect enough for me, but overall I am liking them. The pinks are too cute! I think I need to cut some more strips tomorrow to make more, I am getting low on pieces! I loved the Orange Crush quilt and almost couldn't give it away, but I think this one tops that one and I am NOT giving it away. Can't say that I plan to do another one with so many pieces in it anytime soon (remind of that when Bonnie annouces her next mystery...and besides that I would love to make Carolina Crossroads which I have in her book) so this might be my opus quilt, lol! Usually I really prefer a quicker and more simple quilt..I like to see progress fast. Lately I have fallen in love with scrappy quilts and I don't think there is a better designer for scrappy quilts than Bonnie at ...if you are not a fan check her stuff out. I know I am not even her number one fan--many wanting that title, but the only two quilters I would run (not walk, run!) to meet and take a class or watch a show with it is her and Mark Lipinski. No one else clicks with me the way they do. Oh another one I love is Ingrid Barlow though I don't think she is as well known. Her patterns are fun!
Look for a post tomorrow with me starting on clue four...I gotta, gotta!
PS I have a HORENDOUS cold....first I lost my voice, then I coughed all night long, now my throat hurts SO bad I could cry. Have been drinking tea like a fool (and spend lots of time in the bathroom peeing it out!) and now I am gargling with salt water. Seriously I know it isn't strep but can't recall my throat ever hurting like this without it!

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You poor grrl! Colds are horrible...