Friday, February 20, 2009

Double Delight, Tablerunner Mystery Progress, Elephant Stitchery

I got my tablerunner mystery all cut and ready for next week Saturday...didn't post a picture though so here it is!
Also finished this little elephant stitchery for remind him always of our zoo visit to Reba the elephant this year. Not sure if I will make him a bag or put it in a frame or quilt or what at this point. Just thought it was cute and wanted to make it. I can't find the link for where I got this online pattern (and the pattern is upstairs) and google didn't find it either. I will look again later in case you want really is cute!

Last weekend I visited my sister and stopped at a quilt store on the way (The Olde World Quilt Shoppe). The owners were super friendly and I found some clearance fabric for baby quilts and this star quilt rack to hang my little A is for Adaminaby quilt up. Looks good to me!
And Double Delight is finally growing..I actually have ten blocks made (some from clue 4 and some from clue 5) and I just love this one more and more. I can hardly wait to see it...I know I keep saying that, but it is true!
The gals at quiltville are now talking about doing this quilt (Jared Takes a Wife) with some green in it in March...
It is also gorgeous, but I took one look at those small pieces in the blocks and hope I can resist doing it...and instead work on Double Delight.
Randy flew to Ohio tonight because his mom is not doing well. She was recovered from cancer and it came back and since she is 79 it didn't take long to wear her down. She is a wonderful lady and I pray that Randy gets some quality time with her before she goes...she told the family she was waiting for her Randy Joe to come home and hospice is already in place at the home. She is in God's hands.
Kathy and I are going to watch the movie Sex in the City...have never seen the show so will see if the movie stands alone I guess. Tomorrow we are going to help my sister pack up to move and meeting my brother and nephew to play at Peter Piper Pizza again...will be fun to see how Ben reacts since he knows the place now. The kid is a barrel of laughs! Smile. Hope there is lots of quilting in your life this weekend!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

HA! Awwww....come ON Andee! What's one more project?!???! Green is such a lovely color, too. You can handle another one---we'll pull through it together :0)

Actually, though---I AM thinking of Green in March, but don't think I'll do the Jared's Wife pattern of Bonnie's. I have this older Calendar that has a lovely, "simple" scrappy green quilt for March. No pattern, but a pic; but easy to decipher! I'll have to take a pic and share it on my blog soon......

Come on.....what do ya say?

Miss 376 said...

I love the elephant, he is so cute and what a lovely hanger