Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Fly By!

I worked all day Saturday, went to a wedding Saturday night about an hour away from home and then did a job on Sunday morning and went hiking after.  I thought it was cool enough to get back out there and do the Ridgeline at South Mountain.  Kathy came with and did the main trail, we split up and she met me after the hard part, butI was wrong...still too hot for me to do that much.  I was dead for two hours after.  Watched the Packer game and then prepped for quilt camp (I leave Thursday) so did not sew a stitch!  The weekend flew by faster than any ever I think because I worked it.
Back around to Monday and I am a tired camper.  Have been having migraines like mad again too.  UGH.  I did however manage to maintain on my weight loss during the cruise!  I gained the week before the cruise (and had some med changes, ugh!) so I am currently working that off.  Feels good to get back to Pilates and hiking!
So looking forward to a few days at quilt camp chilling!  I have prepped up Garden Party and Talkin' Turkey to go with.  Hoping to have time to prep up a baby quilt or two too.

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