Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cruise Day Tuesday!

 We sewed all day Tuesday with a break for lunch.

 Still working on our flowers.  I treid to get around to meet people, but maybe met a little more than half! At the airport on the way home we randomly wound up next to two gals who had been with our group that we never really talked to the whole time!
 See Xenia and here friend "Canada" sewing away here!
 Of course I had to get a selfie with the quilt!

 Here is what I had to show for flower blocks at the end of the night!
 Denise gave Bonnie some artwork, so thoughtful.  Bonnie had never been gifted art and really liked it!  I had a bloody mary!

 I tried to eat healthy, see!

 Hexies are coming along too!

 Becky, me Gail and Alice managed to get in a trip to the hot tub when it was not crowded too!

 We found Shrek on the way back to the sewing room too!  Becky has her PJ bottoms on (top was in the room as was mine).

  Alice had hers on too so we grabbed a picture with Bonnie!  She did not have hers on--after all it was an anniversary trip for her and Dave!

 Becky headed off to bed after open sew and Xenia, Maureen and Carol and Cynthia and I went to see the 80's dance party and the Battle of the Sexes.  We stopped for a drink along the way, I had sangria.

Then it was bedtime all over again!

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Kathy's A Quilter said...

Love it that you named that one gal Canada, that would be me too if I were on board. Canada 1 and 2 and skip a few. It must have been fun to have the whole day to just sew, eat and drink. My kind of a holiday.